InPresence 200Spiritualist Virtuoso Gladys Osborne Leonard

jeffrey mishlove


Duke University Eleanor Sidgwick Feda Florence Barrett mediumship Mrs. Piper Oxford University postmortem survival precognition Sir Oliver Lodge Society for Psychical Research subpersonality Walter Franklin Prince William Barrett William Brown William MacDougall

Jeffrey Mishlove offers a tribute to a spiritualist medium who, for decades, subjected herself to investigation by researchers associated with the Society for Psychical Research in England. One Duke University psychologist earned his doctoral degree studying the accuracy of information provided during seances. The great physicist, Sir Oliver Lodge, wrote his classic book, Raymond (regarding the post-mortem survival of his son who was killed in the first world war) based largely upon readings with Mrs. Leonard. She was also associated with direct voice phenomena and with mediumistic cross-correspondences.

(Recorded on September 19, 2020)

Published on October 20, 2020