InPresence 199More Answers to Your Toughest Questions

jeffrey mishlove


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On October 11, 2020, Jeffrey Mishlove hosted a YouTube Live Stream Event in which viewers were encouraged to post their toughest questions. After that 90 minute event was over, there were still over 30 pages of questions to be answered. So, Jeff plans to use some InPresence monologues to continue addressing them. The questions covered in this video include:

What was your most profound spiritual experience?

What is our best evidence for life after death?

Do you think reptillian beings control the world?

How do you talk to someone with different views then you do…like racism

How does one “come out” as having alternative ideas while demonstrating we are still able to be rational, especially among less open minds on either end of the spectrum i.e (hippies vs doctors)?

Sociologically, do you believe that our society is prepared to recognize that our world is home to ancient races, being visited from other planets, and being contacted from the plane of the dead?

It seems we are very near civilization collapse or even human extinction. Are there any precognitions about what will happen next by psychics you know?

Dr mishlove, what do you think of the Western humanist philosophical tradition and Debashish Banerji’s critique of it?

(Recorded on October 17, 2020)

Published on October 18, 2020