Evolution of Consciousness (2005)withJeffrey Mishlove

Books Mentioned In This Interview

jeffrey mishlove psi development systems jeffrey mishlove the alpha interface jeffrey mishlove the pk man jeffrey mishlove the pk man: a true story of mind over matter jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness

This is a special presentation of an interview by Leanne Whitney of Jeffrey Mishlove, never before shown publicly, recorded at Jeffrey’s Las Vegas, NV, residence in 2005.

Leanne Whitney, PhD, is author of Consciousness in Jung and Patanjali. She is a transformational coach and also teaches yoga philosophy to yoga teachers. Her website is https://leannewhitney.com/.

Las Vegas crew:

Camera: Jason Neff

Assistant Camera and Sound: Megumi Nishikura

Editor: Greg Yung

The 2005 portion of this presentation is copyrighted 2023 by Leanne Whitney.

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Download and read Jeffrey Mishlove’s Grand Prize essay in the Bigelow Institute competition, Beyond the Brain: The Survival of Human Consciousness After Permanent Bodily Death. https://www.bigelowinstitute.org/docs/1st.pdf

Published on July 3, 2023


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