Hallucinogens and CulturewithTerence McKenna (1946 – 2000)

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This video is a special release from the original Thinking Allowed series that ran on public television from 1986 until 2002. It was recorded in about 1992. It will remain public for only one week.

Hallucinogenic substances have been instrumental in the foundation of many aspects of our cultural heritage. In this challenging program, McKenna suggests ways in which hallucinogenic plants have been associated with spiritual traditions in ancient India, in the Amazon and in medieval Europe.

The late Terence McKenna was co-author of The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens and the I Ching, True Hallucinations and Food of the Gods. He was also founder of Botanical Dimensions, an organization devoted to preserving and cultivating hallucinogenic plants used in shamanistic traditions worldwide. In addition, he developed a computer software program known as Time-Wave Zero. 

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Published on November 6, 2023


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