Alphabetical List of Video Guests

You will also find links to their individual websites and their videos (including our new "Video Nuggets") -- as well as a schedule of future releases.

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Playlists include (in alphabetical order): Civilization, Culture, and History; Consciousness and the Brain; Cultivating Psi Abilities; Health and Healing; Intuition at Work; Jeffrey Mishlove Personal Experiences; Parapsychology; Philosophy; Physics, Cosmology, and Systems Theory; Psychology and Psychotherapy; Survival of Consciousness after Death; UFO Related Phenomena; Video Nuggets

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In addition to accepting cash donations, our Foundation is set up to receive fine art (or other items of value) – that we will arrange to sell. We will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes that will state the amount for which we were able to sell your donated items.

Video Nuggets

If you are a busy person, you may appreciate the "Video Nuggets". They are short (3 - 6 min) excerpts from the longer conversations. They offer a special opportunity to preview and sample many of our videos.