Life in the AfterlifewithStafford Betty

Books Mentioned In This Interview

Stafford Betty, PhD, is professor of religious studies at California State University at Bakersfield. He is author of Heaven and Hell Unveiled, The Afterlife Unveiled, and When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying? He has also written two novels, based on his studies of spiritualism, whose protagonists are deceased figures in the afterlife, The Imprisoned Splendor and The Afterlife Therapist.

Here he describes various aspects of his understanding of the afterlife, as portrayed in his novel, The Afterlife Therapist. Some of the recently deceased do not realize that they have died. Many conflicts exist on the astral planes. These are seen as opportunities for soul growth. Reincarnation is also an option. Guides and teachers encourage souls to progress to higher planes of existence.

(Recorded on April 20, 2021)

Published on May 3, 2021