The Orphic MysterieswithRonnie Pontiac

Books Mentioned In This Interview

Ronnie Pontiac was the personal research assistance for Manly P. Hall at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. He is author of American Metaphysical Religion: Esoteric and Mystical Traditions of the New World. He is coauthor with Tamra Lucid of The Magic of the Orphic Hymns: A New Translation for the Modern Mystic.

Here he describes the history and the many meanings attributed to the ancient Orphic tradition.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:03:10 The first counter-culture

00:18:54 Ancient Greek culture

00:24:12 Renaissance interest

00:28:04 The Orphic hymns

00:30:40 Magic of the hymns

00:43:37 Recitation of hymns

00:54:33 Influence of Orphic tradition

01:00:13 Conclusion

(Recorded on November 3, 2023)

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Published on December 25, 2023


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