InPresence 198Geoffrey Hodson and the Cottingley Fairies

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Jeffrey Mishlove shares many colorful illustrations of spiritual entities from Geoffrey Hodson’s book, The Kingdom of the Gods. Hodson (1886-1983) was a well-known author and lecturer on Theosophical topics. He seemed to have pronounced synesthesia talent and considered himself to be clairvoyant. He worked with scientists to investigate his clairvoyance, although the results are sketchy. He was called in by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famous author of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories (and also a prominent spiritualist), to assist in the investigation of photographs of ostensible fairies. Both Hodson and Conan Doyle were fooled in this instance by photographs that were clearly faked.

(Recorded on October 4, 2020)

Geoffrey Hodson, Some Experiments in Four Dimensional Vision –

Published on October 15, 2020


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