InPresence 249Tolerance of Ambiguity

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jeffrey mishlove psi development systems jeffrey mishlove the alpha interface jeffrey mishlove the pk man jeffrey mishlove the pk man: a true story of mind over matter jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness

Here he describes a dilemma that he is now facing: How to interpret the events concerning “the return of the PK Man” as reported in InPresence 0244 and 0245.

00:00 Introduction

01:37 Return of the PK Man

05:44 Dancing on the head of a pin

09:47 My experiences

11:49 Miranda Alcott session

12:50 Knocking on my door

15:34 The goal

16:29 Living with ambiguity

17:51 Conclusion

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(Recorded on March 28, 2023)

Published on March 30, 2023


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