InPresence 243The God Horus

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jeffrey mishlove psi development systems jeffrey mishlove the alpha interface jeffrey mishlove the pk man jeffrey mishlove the pk man: a true story of mind over matter jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness

Jeffrey Mishlove describes a series of events, going back to the 1970s and into the present day, in which unusual events involving hawks appear to evoke the archetypal god Horus. These events are associated with UFO sightings, psychic powers, healing, and ominous warnings. The events include descriptions by Andrija Puharich of his interactions with the Israeli psychic, Uri Geller. Also implicated is the prominent psychic, Ray Stanford, twin brother of the parapsychologist, Rex Stanford. These events are probably best understood in the context of Jeffrey’s concept of “archetypal synchronistic resonance.”

(Recorded on June 28, 2022)

Published on July 15, 2022


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