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jeffrey mishlove psi development systems jeffrey mishlove the alpha interface jeffrey mishlove the pk man jeffrey mishlove the pk man: a true story of mind over matter jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness

Jeffrey Mishlove lists a number of specific tasks for which New Thinking Allowed is seeking volunteer assistance. A major area for volunteers is creating accurate English transcripts of the videos. Translation into other languages is of interest, but will require teams working together under the watchful eye of a project manager. Specific technical skills are needed for the New Thinking Allowed Foundation website, as well as for updating the audio podcasts. Volunteers are also needed to help assist viewers with questions at our Live Stream Events.

(Recorded on June 16, 2022)

Published on July 8, 2022


We do not yet have transcripts available for this interview.

If you are be interested in helping us transcribe into any language, including English, please email