InPresence 209Answers to More of Your Questions

jeffrey mishlove


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Jeffrey Mishlove continues to go through the questions left unanswered during the Live Stream Event on YouTube of October 11, 2020. Here are the questions that are addressed:

Would you be willing to levitate right now for us?

Do you think the fly on Mike Pence’s head was some kind of sign? When I saw it I couldn’t stop thinking about your interview with Mr. Lachman about magick and politics. thanks!

Any thoughts to share with your encounters with Terence McKenna?

Despite what Ted Owen’s said about his “Alien powers” being gifted to him, do you think we are always manipulating the atmosphere without realizing it?

Have you ever thought about using metaphysical power to reverse your age?

Did we have similar bodies in the past life? I like my physical composition in the current life!

What is your view on Carlos Castaneda’s books?

Isn’t spiritual power and magic the same power?

Do you think we can ever know reality? Many of the authors you interview have fascinating and credible, yet inconsistent, views of reality. They cannot all be true.

(Recorded on October 28, 2020)


Published on November 10, 2020