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william james pragmatism karl-otto apel charles s. peirce: from pragmatism to pragmaticism rudolf steiner the influence of lucifer & ahriman u g krishnamurti the mystique of enlightenment james c carpenter first sight: esp and parapsychology in everyday life john taylor science and the supernatural

Jeffrey Mishlove continues to answer questions posed by viewers of our October 11, 2020, Live Stream Event. Here are the questions themselves that are addressed:

What do you believe triggers synchronicities? What seems to increase the occurrence of them?

Have you looked into electric universe theory, especially as it pertains to parapsychology and electro magnetic consciousness.

In meditation I have manifested strange phenomena using ce5 protocols and filmed them. I have a brain injury. Do you think a right side head injury can open your mind further?

If remote viewing is as accurate as is claimed by former SRI researchers et al – how is it that we haven’t seen resultant drastic/apparent advances in international politics, business, and warfare?

When was the last time you were filled with joy because of learning something/finding something out?

Jeffery do you consider Luciferians as evil ?

How does your conversation with U.G. Krishnamurti seem to you today?

What area of the stock market is your expertise/most success?

Jeffrey why do you never reply to comments on your videos ? thank you

Do we all use subtle psychic abilities in our day to day lives?

If consciousness is not emergent from brain activity but is a separate thing, how is it that things like brain tumors can effect personality?

(Recorded on October 25, 2020)


Published on November 7, 2020


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