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Yet, again, Jeffrey Mishlove addresses questions remaining from the October 11 Live Stream Event on YouTube. The questions covered in this video are these:

How do you become more confident / safely share your beliefs in an increasingly powerful panopticon rather than staying quiet?

Do you believe grey aliens are creating a hybrid race of beings?

Have you heard about Ernst veter who teaches levitation?

Jeff — If you are familiar with the work of the artist Hilma Klint, then could you comment on her assertion that “She explained that the pictures were painted “through” her with “force” –

a divine dictation: “I had no idea what they were supposed to depict… I worked swiftly and surely, without changing a single brush stroke.” Is that consistent with what you know?

Would you ever consider interviewing Matthew Lacroix?

What do you think about the Master of the Key saying the barrier that prevents us from knowing each others thoughts will fall and alien human hybrid research by David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins?

Is Jason Jorjani your most interviewed person and can you double the amount?

How to keep your mind sharp and clear and what kind of meditation do you practice in your quite time?

Could you do a psychic experiment once a month?

Did you manage to bend the spoon/fork after interviewing Sean McNamara in July?

Do you think they government continues to use psychics for intelligence work?

(Recorded on October 22, 2020)


Published on November 5, 2020


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