InPresence 245PK Man Pilot Study Interim Report

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jeffrey mishlove psi development systems jeffrey mishlove the alpha interface jeffrey mishlove the pk man jeffrey mishlove the pk man: a true story of mind over matter jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness

Jeffrey Mishlove reports of the status of the pilot study with the disembodied “PK Man,” Ted Owens, since the original announcement on December 28, 2022. The study will continue until the end of March. However, the interim results appear consistent with Owens’ history of dramatic demonstrations while he was alive.

00:00 Introduction

04:38 Extreme weather

07:50 Displacement

10:47 Afterlife proofs

12:57 To end a war

12:46 Ukraine weather

18:11 Nuclear threat

22:37 Challenger disaster

24:18 Conclusion

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(Recorded on February 03, 2023)

Published on February 4, 2023


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