InPresence 168Second Live Stream – Toughest Questions

Books Mentioned In This Interview

rudolf steiner the path of initiation paul levy awakened by darkness: when evil becomes your father james tunney the mystical accord stephan a schwartz the 8 laws of change w edward mann the quest for total bliss jeffrey mishlove the pk man bernardo kastrup the idea of the world arthur c clarke childhood's end jane roberts the education of oversoul 7 rick strassman dmt: the spirit molecule jean houston the hero and the goddess peter kingsley ancient philosophy, mystery and magic alejandro jodorowsky psychomagic: the transformative power of shamanistic psychotherapy ted owens how to contact space people paul levy dispelling wetiko: breaking the curse of evil jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness sean mcnamara defy your limits: the telekinesis training method stuart hameroff toward a science of consciousness peter todd the individuation of god william james radical empiricism john lilly programming the human biocomputer norman shealy living bliss dean radin entangled minds william james essays on psychical research pierre grimes philosophical midwifery james g matlock signs of reincarnation darryl robert schoon light in a dark place andrija puharich uri geller saul-paul sirag adex theory arthur clarke childhood's end james matlock signs of reincarnation

Jeffrey Mishlove begins by pointing out the toughest questions we each face are related to our own shadow or dark side. He relates a disturbing dream that revealed something about his own lack of empathy. Then, he addresses tough questions posed by the viewing audience

(Recorded on May 17, 2020)


Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End –

Forbidden Planet (movie) –

Jeffrey Mishlove, The Roots of Consciousness (second edition) –

Published on May 18, 2020


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