InPresence 166First Live Stream – My Father

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timothy leary high priest c norman shealy conversations with g abraham maslow toward a psychology of being bernard gunther sense relaxation earlyne chaney secrets from mount shasta darryl robert schoon is god confused? joseph campbell the hero with a thousand faces kevin ryerson spirit communication c v tramont from birth to rebirth c norman shealy sacred healing russell targ third eye spies jason reza jorjani prometheus & atlas whitley strieber breakthrough grant jane solomon the scole experiment u g krishnamurti the mystique of enlightenment j krishnamurti action w b yeats collected poems james tunney ireland i don't recognize who she is w edward mann orgone reich and eros leanne whitney consciousness in jung and patanjali james p driscoll the unfolding god of jung and milton uri geller guy lyon playfair the geller effect james randi the magic of uri geller nancy du tertre psychic intuition arthur m young the reflexive universe robert monroe journeys out of the body norman shealy sacred healing krishnamurti the mystique of enlightenment krishnamurti action yeats collected poems james driscoll the unfolding god of jung and milton arthur young the reflexive universe

This is the edited version of the live stream event held on April 19, 2020, with Jeffrey Mishlove. During this 90 minute program, Jeffrey speaks about his father, his family of origin, and events in his early life for the first half hour. The next hour is spent fielding a wide variety of questions from the viewers.

Published on April 21, 2020


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