James Weifu Lee | Energy Renewal

Full Title: Energy Renewal: Isothermal Utilization of Environmental Heat Energy with Asymmetric Functions

This research identified two thermodynamically distinct types (A and B) of energetic processes naturally occurring on Earth. Type A, such as the classical heat engine energy process, apparently follows the second law well; Type B, as exemplified by the thermotrophic function with transmembrane electrostatically localized protons does not necessarily have to be constrained by the second law, owing to its special thermodynamic-spatial asymmetric function.

Prof. Lee completed his PhD thesis research at Cornell University in 1992 and then worked as a Scientist at US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory for 15 years. His energy research received the 1999–2004 U.S. Presidential Award honored at the White House. He is recognized as a world-class scientist as among the recent Stanford University World ranking of scientists, which represents the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in the world. His latest work at Old Dominion University identified two thermodynamically distinct types (A and B) of processes on Earth.

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Published on March 17, 2022