Callum Cooper Interviews Jeffrey Mishlove About Parapsychology

Callum Cooper, PhD, is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom. He is author of Telephone Calls From the Dead. He is coeditor, with Steven Parsons, of Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal. And, he is coauthor (with Alex Tanous) of Conversations With Ghosts. His website is

This conversation introduces Cal as a new Guest Host for New Thinking Allowed. It focuses on parapsychology. Cal discusses his own work as an educator in the field and questions Jeff about his early work, including his book, Psi Development Systems. The discussion focuses on J. B. Rhine and the origins of modern parapsychology. Other topics includ remote viewing, skeptical hostility toward the field, and the various personalities with whom each has interacted.

(Recorded on February12, 2022)

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Published on February 28, 2022


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