Body, Mind, and DeathwithDavid Lorimer

david lorimer

Books Mentioned In This Interview

david lorimer prophet of our times: the life and teaching of peter deunov david lorimer resonant mind: life review in the near-death experience david lorimer survival: death as a transition david lorimer the circle of sacred dance: peter deunov's paneurythmy david lorimer thinking beyond the brain: a wider science of consciousness immanuel kant dreams of a spirit-seer and other writings bertrand russell the problems of philosophy john baldock the tibetan book of the dead edmund gurney et al, phantasms of the living iain mcgilchrist the master and his emissary: the divided brain and the making of the western world henry james sr., the secret of swedenborg william james the varieties of religious experience barbara marx hubbard conscious evolution peter fenwick shining light on transcendence william james essays in radical empiricism sir william barrett deathbed visions emanuel swedenborg heaven & hell emanuel swedenborg the brain: considered anatomically, physiologically, and philosophically harald walach beyond a materialist worldview: towards an expanded science emanuel swedenborg the divine revelation of the new jerusalem michael lerner revolutionary love rabbi wayne desick radical loving blaise pascal pensées s radhakrishnan the hindu view of life st bonaventure the mind's road to god ian parrott the music of rosemary brown rosemary brown unfinished symphonies rosemary brown immortals by my side charles t tart the end of materialism nicholas maxwell the comprehensibility of the universe: a new view of science alfred russel wallace miracles and modern spiritualism jeffrey kripal authors of the impossible elizabeth lloyd mayer extraordinary knowing robert crookall the techniques of astral projection


afterlife Alfred Russel Wallace astral projection Bertrand Russell Charles Tart deathbed visions Emanuel Swedenborg ethics extrasensory perception golden rule Henry James Iain McGilchrist Immanuel Kant Jeffrey Kripal love mysticism near-death experience past-life review Peter Deunov Rosemary Brown William James

David Lorimer is the Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He has edited several books, including The Spirit of Science: From Experiment to Experience, Thinking Beyond the Brain: A Wider Science of Consciousness, and The Circle of Sacred Dance: Peter Deunov’s Paneurythmy. He has also authored a number of books including Survival: Death As a Transition, Resonant Mind: Life Review in the Near-Death Experience, and A Quest for Wisdom: Inspiring Purpose on the Path of Life.

In this wide-ranging conversation, he describes the history and work of the Scientific and Medical Network, emphasizing the need for scientists to see beyond the limits of a pure materialist metaphysics. He describes the work of the eighteenth century scientist/mystic, Emmanuel Swedenborg – with a particular focus on Swedenborg’s vivid descriptions of the afterlife. He explains the ethical implications of research on near-death experiences.

(Recorded on April 16, 2021)


Published on April 26, 2021