Introducing SSE-PA Connections | John G. Kruth

The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) and the Parapsychological Association (PA) have joined together to sponsor an online convention that will emphasize the connections between all of us – seen and unseen.

Both the SSE and PA follow strict scientific approaches to pursue a better understanding of the human condition through explorations of anomalous experiences, remote viewing, subtle energies of the body, intentional and unconscious effects on objects and electronics, encounters, and other experiences related to the nature of consciousness. Both groups include serious scientists who publish in peer-reviewed journals as well as curious individuals who want to better understand their experiences.

This combined convention will offer an opportunity for attendees interested in a wide range of topics to share and evaluate some of the most exciting and promising original research happening today. Spread out over 10 days, registrants will have access to a library of pre-recorded lectures, invitations to attend live Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and pop-up events, as well as spontaneous and planned social events, a discussion forum, and live chat options with colleagues.

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The Parapsychological Association is an international professional organization of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of psi (or ‘psychic’) experiences, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, psychic healing, and precognition. The primary objective of the PA is to achieve a scientific understanding of these experiences.

There is a level of PA membership for everyone interested in the scientific and scholarly advancement of parapsychology. Join the association at:

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Published on June 11, 2021