InPresence 221Is the Afterlife an Illusion?

jeffrey mishlove


atoms Bernardo Kastrup Carl Jung collective unconscious Eddington Einstein electrons F. W. H. Myers Frederic Myers Gladys Osborne Leonard Jason Reza Jorjani Nosso Lar Plane of Illusion Raymond Raymond Lodge Schopenhauer simulation hypothesis Sir Oliver Lodge spiritualism Zecharia Sitchen

Jeffrey Mishlove dialogues with himself about reality and illusion as it pertains to life after death. He draws upon the concept of “the plane of illusion” as articulated in the automatic writing ostensibly dictated by the deceased Frederic Myers in Geraldine Cummins’ book, The Road to Immortality. He also draws upon discussions between Sir Oliver Lodge, while alive, and Myers through the mediumship of Mrs. Gladys Osborne Leonard.

(Recorded on March 30, 2021)

Published on April 7, 2021