InPresence 213Raising Your Vibrations

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the beach boys good vibrations dustin hoffman billy bathgate sterna citron why the baal shem tov laughed rabbi lawrence hoffman naming god martin buber the legend of the baal-shem leon zernitsky on the road to rebbe andrija puharich uri geller doug marman the hidden teachings of rumi walter semkiw return of the revolutionaries william james varieties of religious experience sheila ostrander psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain jean houston the possible human gerald heard dromenon lord buckley buckley's best serena roney-dougal where science and magic meet

This video expands upon the new format for the InPresence series and for the New Thinking Allowed channel – one in which Jeffrey Mishlove is both the interviewer and the guest. Here the conversation focuses on the meaning of the term “vibrations” as applied to persons as well as a number of inspirational suggestions for their enhancement.

(Recorded on January 23, 2021)

The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations (audio) –

Dustin Hoffman, Billy Bathgate (video) –

Leon Zernitsky, On the Road to Rebbe (artwork) –

Lord Buckley, Buckley’s Best (audio) –

Published on February 2, 2021


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