InPresence 211When Prophecy Fails

jeffrey mishlove


2020 election Andrija Puharich Arthur M. Young civil war cognitive dissonance Donald Trump Dorothy Martin Leon Festinger martial law prophecy sociology UFOs

Jeffrey Mishlove examines the theory of cognitive dissonance as enunciated by Leon Festinger and colleagues in their 1956 classic sociological text, When Prophecy Fails. The book involves the story of a UFO cult in Chicago that anticipated the end of the world. When the prophecy failed to materialize, many cult members strengthened their belief in the cult leader and began proselytizing. Jeffrey suggests that the current political division in the United States regarding who will be inaugurated in January 2021 offers a unique opportunity to further test Festinger’s theory.

(Recorded on December 9, 2020)

Published on December 14, 2020