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robert anton wilson schrödinger's cat trilogy ian stevenson where reincarnation and biology intersect bernardo kastrup why materialism is baloney pitirim a sorokin the crisis of our age pitirim a sorokin the ways and power of love huston smith the world's religions

Jeffrey Mishlove continues to respond to questions that were posed during the October 11 YouTube Live Stream Event. Here are the questions that are addressed in this monologue:

Huge Robert Anton Wilson fan here. Could you please share some memories of meeting and befriending the late Discordian Pope?

Hey buddy, I got abducted by aliens and implanted, and now I can remote view. I hate it. What do you think about the human rights violations caused by these interactions with the sentient one.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence collected by Dr. Ian Stevenson ( late) on reincarnation being the machinery of the universe, why have scientists not taken the phenomenon seriously?

When will you do another karaoke video Jeffrey?

Do you think there is a way for a Nietzschian split of society a la Ubermensch/Untermensch, that doesn’t abandon a Christian morality structure, where those with the will to power lend a hand the meek?

I’m in chemo for non Hodgkin Lymphoma. Is there a guided spiritual imagery you can recommend?

Imagine a world where advance e.t. technology was recovered, back engineered, kept secret from the public for over a half a century, & were to be disclosed to the public tomorrow. What would happen?

Question: Would you , in the circumstance of having the ability to assassinate a tyrannical murderous dictator responsible for the ongoing deaths of many thousands of people, ever make that choice?

How does one find meaning?

how sure are you that we have free will? being beings composed of synapses that are programmed to past recollection, influenced by macro and micro probabilities… could will be an illusion?

(Recorded on October 21, 2020)

Published on October 31, 2020


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