InPresence 203The Happiest Day of My Life

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saul-paul sirag adex theory: how the ade coxeter graphs unify mathematics and physics barbara honegger october surprise: did the reagan-bush campaign sabotage president carter's attempt to free the american hostages in iran? alan vaughan incredible coincidence alan vaughan patterns of prophecy alan vaughan dream telepathy alan vaughan the edge of tomorrow alan vaughan doorways to higher consciousness deborah hayden pox: genius, madness, and the mysteries of syphilis gary zukav the dancing wu li masters laura drewes henry s. dakin: from physics to metaphysics & guns to toys lee sannella the kundalini experience freda morris hypnosis with friends and lovers freda morris self-hypnosis in two days jeffrey mishlove the pk man james p driscoll the unfolding god of jung and milton

Jeffrey Mishlove shares memories, and photographs, from his wedding on August 27, 1978, with Janelle Barlow. Several of the guests have been interviewed on either Thinking Allowed or New Thinking Allowed. Others there, while less well known, were instrumental figures in Jeffrey’s life. He concludes by acknowledging Janelle’s indispensable role in his work – especially New Thinking Allowed.

(Recorded on October 14, 2020)

Published on October 29, 2020


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