InPresence 186Super Ego vs. Super Consciousness

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calvin hall a primer of freudian psychology john 'neill prodigal genius: the life of nikola tesla darryl robert schoon light in a dark place: the prison years erik larson the splendid and the vile elizabeth kolbert the sixth extinction

Jeffrey Mishlove describes the Freudian understanding of sub-conscious dynamics – id, ego, and super ego – and contrasts that with his understanding of Super Consciousness. He suggests that the Super Conscious Mind, to which we all have access, connects us with the knowledge and wisdom that is the inheritance of all humanity. However, using the metaphor of a lotus flower, one has to explore the muck at the roots in order to experience the beauty and joy to be found at the blossom.

(Recorded on August 20, 2020)

Published on September 3, 2020


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