InPresence 185The Real, The Imaginal, and the Imaginary

Books Mentioned In This Interview

peter kingsley catafalque: carl jung and the end of humanity amin razavi suhrawardi and the school of illumination carl g jung the red book: liber novus william mcguire the freud-jung letters gary lachman jung the mystic j john o'neill prodigal genius: the life of nikola tesla susan blackmore the meme machine henry corbin mundus imaginalis: or the imaginal and the imaginary

Jeffrey Mishlove references the Illuminationist school of Sufi philosophy, as expounded by the twelfth century Persian philosopher and mystic, Suhrawardi, and popularized in recent times by the French philosopher, Henry Corbin. The concept of the “imaginal” as very distinct from “imagination” is also implicit in Carl G. Jung’s explication of psychological dynamics, as imparted to him by the angelic figure of Philemon. Jeffrey contrasts these visionary experiences with the journey of Susan Blackmore from parapsychologist to skeptic.

(Recorded on August 19, 2020)

Published on September 1, 2020


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