InPresence 171Paraphrenia and the Alternatives

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john alexander ufos: myths, conspiracies, and realities malidoma some of water and the spirit william s lyon spirit talkers: north american indian medicine powers bernardo kastrup decoding schopenhauer's metaphysics paul levy the quantum revelation jason reza jorjani lovers of sophia rizwan virk the simulation hypothesis jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness jack sarfatti destiny matrix alexander afriat the einstein, podolsky, and rosen paradox reinhold bertimann quantum [un]speakables ii: half a century of bell's theorem bernardo kastrup why materialism is baloney cynthia sue larson reality shifts: when consciousness changes the physical world whitley strieber a new world rey hernandez beyond ufos: the science of consciousness and contact with non human intelligence philip pullman the secret commonwealth angela smith diary of an abduction jeffrey mishlove the pk man steven pinker enlightenment now

New Thinking Allowed host Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, discusses events that seem, on the surface, to be so improbable that the people reporting them are sometimes described as being “paraphrenic” — suffering from psychotic delusions, even if they show no other symptoms of mental disorder. Such individuals have been guests on New Thinking Allowed. Jeffrey suggests that, alternatively, reality is more malleable than is commonly thought to be the case.

This is the first video to showcase the new introductory and closing sequences for New Thinking Allowed.

(Recorded on July 1, 2020)


Published on July 2, 2020


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