Dimensions of The Exceptional | Wolfgang Fach

Wolfgang Fach, researcher at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health, Germany delves into the nature of exceptional experiences (EE) and a proposed basic system of classification. By using fundamental principles from Metzinger’s theory of mental representations, Fach has devised a compact questionnaire for the assessment of EE, known as PAGE-R.

In this presentation, the various classes of EE are broken down and explained. Two classes of EE refer to their spatial location and are internal, as occurring in the self, and external, occurring in the world. Internal EEs are characterized by alterations in bodily sensation, moods, emotions, internal monologue, and cognition. External EEs can include seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, or sensing a presence. The two other classes of EE are coincidence which refers to EEs that occur as a result of the connection of usually disconnected elements within oneself, for example, precognition or telepathy. On the other hand, there is also dissociative EE, which is the result of separation within the self or world, out-of-body experiences, and sleep paralysis are examples of such.

The PAGE-R and newly designed PAGE-R-II have proven to be reliable and effective methods of classifying EE. Naturally, future scientific research into exception experiences will benefit greatly from a standardized classification system.

Presented at the “62nd Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association” on July 4, 2019, Paris, France; program chaired by Ramses D’Leon. Download the Abstracts at https://www.parapsych.org/articles/37/483/2019_pa_convention_abstracts_of.aspx

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Published on October 5, 2021