Ingo Swann: A Life Gone Wild

Ingo Swann (1933-2013) led what can only be called a life filled with a constellation of connections.     

In 2009, Ingo invited filmmakers into his home to begin what was going to be a documentary on his contributions to remote viewing, but what happened instead was it turned into a wild ride into with myriad of facets of Ingo’s life. Footage shot during this time, from 2009-2011, captured Ingo at his eccentric best, and was coupled with interviews of 20+ people who had been in Ingo’s orbit at some point during his life’s adventures.   

After Ingo passed away, Swann-Ryder Productions, LLC, began expanding the dimensions of the film, and between 2015-2017, 30+ additional interviews were undertaken, covering everything from Ingo’s early days, to his encounters with UFOs and ETs, to his sojourn into the powers of the human mind. In total, the footage shows that Ingo’s life is truly as Ingo said, “… a life gone wild.”    

A short trailer was created offering a hint of what a full-length documentary film could be. This short film, the video herein, won Best Bio Pic at the 2017 Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York City. We are releasing this short film on the New Thinking Allowed channel with permission. We hope you enjoy this small peek into the life of Ingo Swann. 


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Published on June 14, 2023


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