New Thinking Allowed Dialogues: Is There Life After Death?

This video contains brief excerpts from nine of the video interviews that were transcribed and included in the very first book in the New Thinking Allowed Dialogues series with White Crow Books.

The excerpts are from the following videos, in order:

The Chess Game From Beyond the Grave with Vernon Neppe.

Spirit Materialization with Leslie Kean.

Integrating the Near-Death Experience with Eben Alexander.

The Spiritualist Vision of the Afterlife with Stafford Betty.

Animals and the Afterlife with Miranda Alcott.

Spirit Mediumship in Brazil with Alexander Moreira-Almeida.

The Afterlife and the Unconscious Mind with Betty Kovács.

Science and Postmorten Survival with Alan Ross Hugenot.

Alfred Russell Wallace and the Spirit World with Michael Cremo.

(Recorded on May 5, 2023)

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Published on May 10, 2023


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