Remote Viewing Training, Part One: The Initial Phases,withPaul H. Smith

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Paul H. Smith, PhD, is a founder and past-president of the International Remote Viewing Association. A former Army intelligence officer, he served for seven years as part of the military’s top-secret remote viewing program. He is author of Reading the Enemy’s Mind and The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing. He currently serves as president and chief trainer for Remote Viewing Instructional Services.

Here he describes how he was recruited into the Army’s remote viewing program, although he had no previous experience of a parapsychological nature. He discusses the early phases of his training with Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff at SRI International. He argues that remote viewing is an ability that everyone possesses. But, most people are unaware of this talent because the subtle, paranormal signal is usually drowned out by mental noise. He maintains that people can be trained to distinguish this signal from background mental and emotional activity. He discusses how his own training proceeded through various stages over a period of many months. The elements of this training are based on research regarding acquisition of other human skills such as language and music.

(Recorded October 9, 2015)

Published on October 12, 2015


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