Alien ConsciousnesswithPaul Smith

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Paul H. Smith, PhD, is a founder and past-president of the International Remote Viewing Association. A former Army intelligence officer, he served for seven years as part of the military’s top secret remote viewing program. Later, he earned a doctoral degree in philosophy. He is the author of Reading the Enemy’s Mind and The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing. He currently serves as president and chief trainer of Remote Viewing Instructional Services. His website is

Here he points out that his remote-viewing mentor, Ingo Swann, expressed concern that alien entities were influencing earth’s population so as to stifle cultivation of our parapsychological skills. Swann felt that human have enormous psychic potentials and aliens find this threatening. He provides some details of his own potential alien encounters in the context of remote viewing. The conversation includes a philosophical analysis of the problems associated with interpreting the consciousness of other beings.

(Recorded on May 3, 2022)

Published on May 20, 2022


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