James L. Oschman | Structure and Properties of the Quantum Information Field

Explorations of so-called anomalies, often discouraged by conventional scientists, have enormous potential for providing us with new and exciting insights into unsolved problems about the nature of life and health. Many seemingly mysterious phenomena may be explainable by the existence of a pervasive quantum information field interacting with all matter, both living and non-living. This presentation will describe the conclusions of researchers who have modeled the fundamental mathematical and geometrical patterns that enable the fabric of space to be holographic, fractal, tensegrous, vortical, and informational.

One of the most important unsolved problems in science is the mechanism by which organisms develop from single cells into adults. In 1981 Rupert Sheldrake proposed an interesting model of development in which collective memories are stored in a “morphic field” that progeny tap into to regulate their development along the lines of their predecessors. The concept was quickly rejected because of weak arguments. Morphic resonance has the potential to enable clinical regeneration of limbs and organs. I will suggest that the morphic field resides in a quantum information field which is capable of being engineered.

Homeopathy provides another example. Remedies are diluted again and again until there is virtually nothing left of the original substance. During this “potentizing” process, the therapeutic effectiveness increases rather than decreases. This of course makes absolutely no logical sense and provides skeptics ammunition for dismissing one of the world’s most popular and successful therapeutic modalities. However, what if the repeated dilutions, with agitation, (referred to as “succussion” in homeopathy) are systematically transferring vibrational information from the therapeutic molecules into a pervasive quantum information field?

Bio: Jim Oschman, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert on the biophysics of Energy and Informational Medicine. He has contributed scientific perspectives that clarify controversial issues such as the nature of biological energetics and energetic therapeutics. Jim has written several popular books on the scientific basis of energy medicine, including Energy Medicine: the scientific basis (Churchill Livingstone, 2000), Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (Butterworth Heinemann, 2003), and the second edition of Energy Medicine: the scientific basis (Elsevier, 2016). He has also written over 120 articles, forewords and chapters in books, including some in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and journals on alternative medicine.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Broomfield, Colorado 2019.

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Published on March 4, 2020