InPresence 177Remembering Parapsychology Pioneer Andrija Puharich

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andrija puharich the sacred mushroom andrija puharich beyond telepathy charles tart altered states of consciousness arthur m young the reflexive universe leon festinger when prophecy fails john g fuller arigo: surgeon of the rusty knife andrija puharich uri geller jeffrey mishlove the roots of consciousness norma lee browning the psychic world of peter hurkos richard amoroso elizabeth rauscher the holographic anthropic multiverse joseph campbell the power of myth with bill moyers k ramakrishna rao j. b. rhine on the frontiers of science arthur young the reflexive universe john fuller arigo: surgeon of the rusty knife ramakrishna rao j. b. rhine on the frontiers of science

New Thinking Allowed host Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, shares his memories of Andrija Puharich, MD, as a scientific researcher who also functioned as a “magic man”, i.e., as a magnet for synchronistic events. Puharich was an early explorer of psychedelic states, channeling, psychic surgery, psychokinesis, and UFO contact. He was a professor of surgery at New York University and had over 50 patents.

(Recorded on July 25, 2020)


Jeffrey Mishlove, The Roots of Consciousness (1975 edition) –

Published on July 26, 2020


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