Cultural Emergence of Macro-Psychokinesis: Advantages for Research | Sean McNamara

Anyone who has tried to record an OBE struggles with the hit-and-miss nature of that phenomenon. Group intention experiments often require the passage of time to determine a result, which is often clouded by ambiguity due to the presence of alternative causes for the desired effect. In remote viewing experiments, it can be difficult to differentiate between true perception-at-a-distance and pre-cognitive ESP (perceiving what your own eyes will be looking at in the future when receiving tar- get feedback). With controlled macro-PK, these difficulties are absent, or greatly reduced. Subjects can start and stop their efforts at will, with the target responding accordingly, limited by each subject’s threshold for exhaustion or boredom. Recording the target’s response is easy, yet it is the measurement of the subjects and their environment which offers us great opportunities for exploration. EEG, skin conductance and other readings can easily be taken during PK. Random event generators can be placed near the subjects and targets to measure changes in ordinarily random processes. Biophoton and other bioenergetic readings can be taken, which scientists like Dr. Beverly Rubik already know a great deal about. While it may be difficult to find talented healers, seers, and energy workers, PK is an easily trainable skill which is quickly spreading throughout the world. Researchers can easily become their own subject while testing a new experimental design.

Bio: Sean McNamara teaches meditation and consciousness development in Denver, Colorado. He is the author of Meditation X: Telekinesis and Defy Your Limits: The Telekinesis Training Method. In 2014, Sean McNamara watched an online video of Cherylee Black giving a presentation to the International Association of Near-Death Studies in which she showed a personal example of macro-PK. Inspired, he trained himself in PK, and then devised an efficient protocol for teaching it to people in under two hours. In that time, a person can move their target from a distance in a way that is immediately observable and repeatable. Through his books and videos, people everywhere are learning McNamara’s PK protocols. He hopes this will support greater collaboration between scientists and practitioners. Working together, we can expand the walls of our “reality box” and replace old belief systems with new ones, which will help to advance research.

Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada 2018.

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Published on December 30, 2021