CLASSIC REBOOT: Remote Viewing in Criminology

Stephan A. Schwartz is a Distinguished Consulting Faculty of Saybrook University. He is the columnist for the journal Explore, and editor of the daily web publication in both of which he covers trends that are affecting the future. Schwartz was the principal researcher studying the use of Remote Viewing in archaeology. He is the author of more than 130 technical reports and papers. He has written The Secret Vaults of Time, The Alexandria Project, Mind Rover, Opening to the Infinite, and The 8 Laws of Change. His website is

In this video from 2017, he describes a number of cases in which clairvoyance, or nonlocal perception, has been successfully applied to help law enforcement officials solve cases. He explains why these cases can be particularly difficult — especially from a research perspective. He also notes that particular personality characteristics seem to accompany remote viewers who specialize in criminology work.

(Recorded on February 7, 2017)

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Published on December 23, 2022


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