Arthur M. Young: Number and Meaning (Complete Thinking Allowed program) Host: Jeffrey Mishlove

Numbers are more than abstract representations of quantity, but also have a qualitative dimension. Philosopher and inventor Arthur M. Young, author of The Geometry of Meaning and The Reflexive Universe has developed a “theory of process” which integrates science with ancient teachings. He discusses the descent of spirit into matter — and the ascent back to spirit –through four levels which correspond to point, line, plane, solid; fire, water, air, earth–and other classic fourfold systems.

Thinking Allowed has recently completed the massive task of remastering and digitizing all 450 programs in our series, which aired on PBS stations across the U.S. from 1986 through 2002.

The new, hi-res programs will be made available in various ways yet to be determined. We begin this access process by making available all of the programs we made featuring Arthur M. Young, teacher and mentor to both Jeffrey Mishlove and to series co-producer/director Arthur Bloch.

Published on January 17, 2021