A Call for Clinical Parapsychology as an Applied Science | Beth Hedva

The time has come for Clinical Parapsychology, as an applied science, to be as openly and clearly discussed as any other clinical practice or science, to fully equip ourselves and the scientific community in the use of psi resources (psychic, intuitive, ‘spiritual and or energy healing/energy medicine’) as bona fide healing tools. Over half a century has passed since field effect transistor theory opened doors for cellular pathologists to more fully understand and measure bio-electric communication between cells and bodies. While too many institutions sacrificed progress in the psi fields and ignored the thousands of years of evidence-based success of healers globally who have maintained their cultures by carrying forward effective medical and psychological health practices, science now proves such intellectual racism is no longer legitimate.

Depending on the training, experience and background of the practitioner, clinical parapsychology is poised to address the full spectrum of anomalous phenomena, within the context of cross-cultural psychology and interpersonal relationships as applied to:

1. The use of psi resources to support healing from trauma.

2. Develop professional training or continuing education for practitioners to expand upon and enhance their own psychic and intuitive skills as valuable resources.

3. Recognize psi methodologies as valid clinical tools.

4. Begin the conversation on how we, as a field, develop ethical guidelines for the use of these skills in clinical practice.

Presented at the “62nd Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association” on July 4, 2019, Paris, France; program chaired by Ramses D’Leon. Download the Abstracts at https://www.parapsych.org/articles/37/483/2019_pa_convention_abstracts_of.aspx

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Published on September 9, 2019