Understanding The Trial by Franz KafkawithJason Reza Jorjani

jason reza jorjani


Jason Reza Jorjani is a philosopher and author of Prometheus and Atlas, World State of Emergency, Lovers of Sophia, and Novel Folklore: The Blind Owl of Sadegh Hedayat.

Here he describes the important plot threads of Franz Kafka’s posthumously published novel. The main character seems to be trapped in a nightmarish scenario, in which he is put through a mysterious legal proceding, from which he cannot seem to escape. Jorjani elucidates several important folklore and mythological references. Ultimately, he believes that the protagonist is trapped inside of his own inability to take himself less seriously.

Many viewers will know that Jason Reza Jorjani has suffered from libel and persecution as a result of his, generally misunderstood, political views. He is a brilliant scholar who has now been unfairly disgraced and is forced to fight a legal battle, while continuing his research and writing, without any regular employment. Therefore we have set up this “Go Fund Me” page in order to assist this worthy individual. Please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-fund-jason-reza-jorjani039s-next-project and contribute generously.

(Recorded on April 6, 2018)

Published on June 27, 2018