Trauma and the Human ConditionwithAnngwyn St. Just

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Anngwyn St. Just, PhD, is a social traumatologist. She is author of the two volume set of books titled Trauma: Time, Space, and Fractals. She is also author of the five volume set titled Trauma and the Human Condition. She has worked throughout the world helping victims of war and disaster.

Here she points out that the earliest healers of human trauma were shamans who knew a great deal — particularly with regard to the therapeutic role of nature. Trauma is endemic to the human condition; however, as long as it remains unresolved, it perpetuates itself. She maintains that the symptoms of trauma are messages that provide opportunities for healing. She also argues that need more training in how to treat survivors of large-scale trauma. She speculates on the future of humanity.

(Recorded on April 5, 2019)

Published on April 20, 2019


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