Time, Space, and TraumawithAnngwyn St. Just

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Anngwyn St. Just, PhD, is a social traumatologist. She is author of the two volume set of books titled Trauma: Time, Space, and Fractals. She is also author of the five volume set titled Trauma and the Human Condition. She has worked throughout the world helping victims of war and disaster. Her website is https://www.acst-international.com/.

Here she points out that traumatic events, particularly those that are unresolved, tend to repeat themselves in both time and space. Sometimes this is deliberate as when terrorists choose anniversary dates of previous attacks. Mostly, it appears to be less than fully conscious. She suggests that this repetition of patterns can be understood in terms of fractal geometry. To illustrate her thesis she focuses on the massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

(Recorded on April 5, 2019)

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Published on April 17, 2019


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