Perpetrators and VictimswithAnngwyn St. Just

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Anngwyn St. Just, PhD, is a social traumatologist. She is author of the two volume set of books titled Trauma: Time, Space, and Fractals. She is also author of the five volume set titled Trauma and the Human Condition. She has worked throughout the world helping victims of war and disaster.

Here she indicates that her approach to the dynamics between perpetrators and victims has been strongly influenced by the family constellation work of Bert Hellinger. She notes that victims often seek revenge and, therefore, become perpetrators themselves. She points out that victims and perpetrators share a certain traumatic bond. She hold Nelson Mandela up, among others, as an example of someone who worked to break the cycle of victimization and revenge. She distinguishes between being victimized and holding “victim consciousness”.

(Recorded on April 5, 2019)

Published on April 17, 2019


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