The Right and Left Hand PathswithJames Tunney

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james tunney the mystical accord: sutras to suit our times, lines for spiritual evolution h p blavatsky the secret doctrine m ellsberg the gospel in gerard manley hopkins r svoboda aghora: at the left hand of god f nietzsche beyond good and evil e trelawney shelley & byron w blake the complete illuminated books h bellin blake and swedenborg g i gurdjieff struggle of the magicians r fiennes coriolanus manly hall the secret teachings of all ages s lewis that hideous strength o spengler the decline of the west a strindberg inferno r gallagher demonic foes j p driscoll the unfolding god of jung and milton d kaiser how the hippies saved physics m shelley frankenstein w godwin lives of necromancers m wolstonecraft a vindication of the rights of woman s grof the cosmic game j krishnamurti action b lee the legend of bruce lee franz bardon the practice of magical evocation r steiger duck you sucker daniel day-lewis my left foot

James Tunney, LLM, is an Irish Barrister who has lectured on legal matters throughout the world. He is a poet, a visual artist, and author of The Mystery of the Trapped Light: Mystical Thoughts in the Dark Age of Scientism plus The Mystical Accord: Sutras to Suit Our Times, Lines for Spiritual Evolution. His website is

Here he discusses the history of western and eastern traditions concerning the right and left hand spiritual paths, particularly tantra as practiced by the Aghori sect. He relates this to the left and right divisions in politics, as well as the cultural distinction between conservative/classical and romantic. The discussion also encompasses unarmed, martial arts combat.

(Recorded on November 13, 2020)

J. Tunney, Ireland I Don’t Recognize Who She Is —

R. Fiennes, Coriolanus (Video) –

B. Lee, The Legend of Bruce Lee (video) –

R. Steiger, Duck You Sucker (video) –

Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot (video) –

Published on November 30, 2020


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