The Professor of UFOlogy: Confessions of a Catholic ProfwithJames Madden

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“How do we tell the truth about something that we’re not designed to talk about?” Perhaps the last place one might find a college course on UFOlogy would be at a conservative, midwestern Catholic school.

Dr. James Madden, author of “Unidentified Flying Hyperobject: UFOs, Philosophy, and the End of the World” is a professor of philosophy at Benedictine College in Kansas, discusses “re-thinking UFO/UAP phenomenon” with guest host Christopher Naughton. Madden’s central claim is that understanding the UFO will require a re-thinking of ourselves and our standing in what is revealed as a much wider cosmos. Here, he explores the openness to the odd and the supernatural within Catholicism and what impact UFOs are having on religion and politics. The discussion also examines the potential consequences of disclosure, and the reaction of students to UFO studies, as well as the concept of the “end of the world” and its connection to technology.


00:00 Welcome and Intro

01:50 Religious background, early UFO interest

04:54 Catholicism’s openness to the odd and supernatural

09:06 UFOlogy as a religion, a new spiritual movement?

13:16 Rethinking the UFO phenomena: myths & symbols

16:42 The death of fundamentalism?

22:40 The impact of UFOs on religion and politics

29:59 Government suppression and political institutions

32:57 The implications of disclosure

38:58 Carl Jung, UFOs and what they represent to the soul

42:01 The reaction of students to UFO studies

49:50 The “end of the world” and the role of technology

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Published on May 8, 2024


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