The Philosophers of AtlantiswithJason Reza Jorjani

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Jason Reza Jorjani is a philosopher and author of Prometheus and Atlas, World State of Emergency, Lovers of Sophia, Novel Folklore: The Blind Owl of Sadegh Hedayat, and Iranian Leviathan: A Monumental History of Mithra’s Abode.

Here he reviews the writings about ancient Atlantis that appear in the philosophical literature. He focuses on Plato, Francis Bacon, Rudolf Steiner, and Colin Wilson. When taken as a whole, this literature is suggestive of an advanced civilization that may have existed about ten thousand years ago. Its inhabitants possessed a consciousness very different from that of modern humans. Jorjani speculates that various archeological mysteries can be resolved if one treats these philosophical accounts as embodying some remnants of actual history. He suggests that we are still haunted by the memory of Atlantis and that this may account, in part, for the resistance toward parapsychology today.

Many viewers will know that Jason Reza Jorjani has suffered from libel and persecution as a result of his, generally misunderstood, political views. He is a brilliant scholar who has now been unfairly disgraced and is forced to fight a legal battle, while continuing his research and writing, without any regular employment. Therefore we have set up this “Go Fund Me” page in order to assist this worthy individual. Please visit and contribute generously.

(Recorded on June 25, 2016)

Published on July 1, 2016