Technological ApocalypsewithJason Reza Jorjani

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Jason Reza Jorjani is a philosopher and faculty member at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is author of Prometheus and Atlas.

Here he suggests that converging technologies are forcing humanity to reconsider what it means to be human. Biotechnology will enable us to significantly increase human intelligence from generation to generation. In the absence of global regulation, this development could lead to a caste system. In addition, we face the prospect of human cloning and the potential of mixing human genes with those of other species. The fields of artificial intelligence and robotics offer additional possibilities for the creation of bionic species. It may be that our technological advances are outpacing our ability to trust each other to wisely use the new powers that will become available.

Many viewers will know that Jason Reza Jorjani has suffered from libel and persecution as a result of his, generally misunderstood, political views. He is a brilliant scholar who has now been unfairly disgraced and is forced to fight a legal battle, while continuing his research and writing, without any regular employment. Therefore we have set up this “Go Fund Me” page in order to assist this worthy individual. Please visit and contribute generously.

(Recorded on June 25, 2016)

(Recorded on June 25, 2016)

Published on June 30, 2016


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