The Dark Side of MysticismwithJames Tunney

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James Tunney, LLM, is an Irish Barrister who has lectured on legal matters throughout the world. He is a poet, a visual artist, and also author of The Mystical Accord: Sutras to Suit Our Times, Lines for Spiritual Evolution. In addition, he has written two dystopian novels — Blue Lies September and Ireland I Don’t Recognize Who She Is. His website is

Here he discusses a number of individuals and traditions that are, in the minds of many, associated with the dark side of mysticism. These include sorcery, witchcraft, paganism, and Satanism — as well as Rasputin, Joan of Arc, Trotsky, and Hitler. In each case, he maintains that one must examine the evidence carefully and not simply accept popular opinion. The discussion also focuses on Jesus’ admonition to “resist not evil”.

(Recorded on January 18, 2020)

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Published on February 17, 2020