The Amazing Randi and American “Skepticism”withMitch Horowitz

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Mitch Horowitz is the author of many books on esoterica, spirituality, mysticism and the occult. Among his titles are The Seeker’s Guide to the Secret Teachings of All Ages, The Miracle Club, One Simple Idea, and Occult America. His website is He recently wrote an article evaluating the legacy of James Randi that can be viewed at

Here he explains why, in his opinion, the sociologist Marcello Truzzi chose to label The Amazing Randi and others associated with the American “skeptical” movement as “pseudoskeptics”. He sheds light on the parallels between deliberate ignorance of facts in discussions of the paranormal and of politics. He points out how Randi and other “skeptics” have actually stifled scientific investigations into the paranormal. This activity actually resulted in Jeffrey Mishlove’s favorable lawsuit settlement in 1986.

Articles about James Randi’s “million dollar challenge” as referenced in this video can be found at:

(Recorded on November 10, 2020)


Published on November 25, 2020


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